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The Butte County Farm Bureau produces a bi-monthly newsletter called the Butte County Farm Bureau News, which highlights local, statewide, and national issues important to farming and agriculture.

The newsletter features:

The following is an article from the latest issue of the Butte County Farm Bureau News

Business Spotlight – LIVENTIA

We would like to recognize our newest business member is LIVENTIA to Butte County Farm Bureau! We are excited to have them as a member. LIVENTIA produces beneficial microorganisms (microbes) for use across several industries, including agriculture, aquaculture & aquariums, bioremediation, oil and gas, and industrial cleaning. Whether it’s improving soil and plant health or water use efficiency throughout California, remediating oil spills in the Gulf of Mexico, or treating aquariums at SeaWorld in Dubai, LIVENTIA has been a trusted pioneer in biotechnology and microbiology for over 30 years.

LIVENTIA was founded in 1991 by biologist Bill Botto. LIVENTIA (formally Micro-TES, Inc.) began as an environmental services company headquartered in San Antonio, TX and were originally focused on bioremediation. They have since evolved into a full-cycle R&D and commercial manufacturing biotechnology company that harnesses the power of beneficial microorganisms, or microbes, to serve five industries in ten countries – agriculture, aquaculture & aquariums, bioremediation, oil & gas, and industrial cleaning.

So who is LIVENTIA? The Chief Scientist, Founder & former CSO is William “Bill” Botto who has over 25 years of experience in microbiology, geology and product development. Bill has a Bachelor’s of Science in Biology and Oil Geology from the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA). They are owned by the Talipot Investment Group which is a global investor in alternative assets across Agriculture, Venture Capital, Real Estate, and Private Equity. Their goal is to harnesses the “Power of Life” (microorganisms) to tackle complex agricultural problems.

The services that LIVENTIA offers are unique because they recognize the need for sustainable solutions to challenges posed to agriculture by an increasingly harsh environment. They introduced its biological inputs to the agriculture industry in 2003. Today, LIVENTIA’s agriculture portfolio is suitable for both conventional and organic farming, supports over 100k acres and 26 different crops, and plays a pivotal role in ensuring food security and protecting the environment. Backed by university and independent research, LIVENTIA’s OMRI and CDFA certified microbial solutions are formulated to restore soil’s microbial balance by reintroducing life (beneficial live bacteria) into a crop’s rootzone, or rhizosphere. There, the microbes interact symbiotically with the surrounding plant roots, existing biology, and organic matter to help improve: water infiltration, stress tolerance, nutrient efficiency, root development, and soil health and biodiversity.

LIVENTIA joined Farm Bureau to demonstrate their appreciation and gratitude for Farm Bureau’s tireless dedication to protecting the interests of California’s growers, and for its advocacy of innovative solutions to complex agricultural problems. Their primary objective is to support and to learn from you, the growers. Feel free to call any time to find out more about how their biological solutions can help protect your assets. You can contact Dylan Brown at 925-922-1842 or and Rhett Cinquini at 530-230-8854 or You can also check out their website at

Advertise in the BCFB News